A New Leash on Life!

Let's talk leashes.

Being in the dog walking industry, I've seen all types of leashes, harnesses, chains and collars. In the same way every pet is unique, so are their leash needs! In order to help answer one of my most common questions, "what leash works best for my dog?", I thought I'd break down some of my favorite (and not so favorite) leashes and harnesses.


Easy Walk Harness

Best for: Medium to large sized dogs that have tendency to pull or lunge on the lead

Why we love it: The hook for the leash is located on the chest of the dog. When a dog pulls ahead, the pressure comes from the chest which forces them to turn back towards you, adjusting their balance and making it difficult to pull ahead.

Slip Leads

Best for: Small to large sized dogs

Why we love it: This leash is great for day to day dog walks. They adjust to fit just about every dog breed and size, therefore I keep one in my car 24/7 as backup. It tightens when dogs pull making it great for dogs that can easily slip out of collars.

In the event that you ever come across a stray or loose dog that needs rescuing, it is the best to use as it can easily slip over the head and is a no collar, no problem kind of tool.

Gentle Leader

Best for: Medium to large sized dogs that are aggressive pullers

Why we love it: This leash is great for to train your dog not to pull. It connects over their snout and clips below their jaw in order to control their direction.

This head harness does take time for your dog to get used to - and some never will (*cough* my dog, Winston *cough*). But, it can be a great tool for training your dog not to pull. As a tip, you do need to make sure it fits perfectly or it can easily slip off.

[Not So] Favorite:

Flexi Lead

Why we [don't] love it: Besides the fact that it's bulky and darn near impossible to use when walking more than one dog, it is known to be one of the most dangerous leashes in the dog walking world. Speaking from experience after getting a few flexi lead cord burns around the ankles, it makes for a difficult time to regain control of your dog when necessary. They can either tangle you in the cord or the length is too long to keep them in a manageable distance.

If you're a fan of the flexi lead because it provides additional distance for your pup to roam or sniff - and you're not trying to train your dog not to pull on the leash - consider using a regular nylon leash with extra length.

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