Trust and your dog walker

One of the biggest concerns I get from new clients (and understandably so!) is having someone they've just met have keys to their home and be trusted to take care of their pets and home while they're away. I totally understand and appreciate the hesitation. I'd be worried if you were not protective of your furbabies!

Choosing a dog walker should not be taken lightly. A few things to consider include making sure whoever you decide to care for your furry friend has at minimum the basics: licensing, pet sitter insurance and bonding. Moving on from that, you should make sure they have positive reviews and if they have employees, that every employee is subjected to a background check. Hiring a company with employees versus one with independent contractors is also a great idea in terms of liability, as well.

From the beginning, I've done anything and everything to make sure we have the most competent, honest and safe team of pet sitters. Our clients are given direct lines of communication with their dog walker and the majority of our clients have only one or two primary dog walkers that will ever have access to their home. We believe in relationship building between you, your dog walker and your pets, therefore we try as hard as possible to keep your care team very small. It is a wonderful day when we hear our clients tell me that they see their dog walker as a member of their family. It just makes my heart melt!

As someone who's own dogs are basically their whole world, I only hire pet sitters and dog walkers that I would trust with my two dogs, Winston and Sampson. In addition, I require our dog walkers to provide a GPS check in through their scheduling portal so that I can help to monitor visits and ensure each of our visits are completed in a timely manner. Your dog walker will also send you a text at every visit they do along with a picture so that you can rest assured your pets have been cared for.

After 2.5 years in the business, I have learned a lot! I am proud to say that we have a wonderful team and I hope to share more stories about them in the next coming months.

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