Out of the Kennel - What We're About!

Does vacation or work get in the way of giving your pet the love and care it deserves?

Out of the Kennel might be able to help!

Based in the Dallas area, Out of the Kennel is a two-year old business started by husband-and-wife-team Erica and Brent Upham. What started as a small dog-walking and pet-sitting business has grown into fully-fledged, tight knit team of amazing employees who love to take care of animals. Neighborhoods in Dallas that Out of the Kennel currently serves includes Lake Highlands, Lakewood, Park Cities, and Uptown with new areas being added soon!

What makes Out of the Kennel unique?

Our team of amazing employees believe and understand that each pet is special in their own way. We are willing to do whatever it takes in order to make the client's pet happy - whether that's walking, running, or even just hanging out for a while to give them some company. While Out of the Kennel might seem like a business focused on dog-walking, there is so much more to it! Out of the Kennel provides a number of different services outside of the realm of dog-walking. The insured services that Out of the Kennel can provides includes:

+ Dog walks

+ Dog runs

+ Pet-sitting (for up to 5 pets!)

+ Pet taxi and Concierge

+ House checks (no pets)

+ Pet supply pick-up

+ Emergency key delivery

A comprised list of these services (and their stipulations/costs) can be found here, on the 'Services and Rates' page of the website!

What to look forward to.

This blog is going to be updated periodically with information about Out of the Kennel! This can vary from monthly newsletters, employee-of-the-month posts, client-of-the-month posts, and special information and messages. At Out of the Kennel, we strive to make each experience personal for our clients. We love to learn about you and your pets, so we feel like you should get the chance to know a little bit about us, as well!

Be on the lookout for announcements, updates, and other posts that we will be sending out and sharing on our social media websites, like Facebook and Twitter! Also, feel free to share anything we might post about the business - we are always looking for new clients.

Our official website can be found here: Out of the Kennel

Feel free to check out what we're all about, what we offer, and why you should choose us to help your pet get 'out of the kennel' today!

Sincerely, OOTK

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