“Only those who risk going too far, can possibly find out how far one can go.”
— T.S. Elliot


Dogs Need Exercise, Too! 


Depending on breed, your dog may be the perfect candidate as an Out of the Kennel running partner! Many dogs that are from the hunting or working class have tons of energy that can only be helped by exerting that energy with high physical activity. Some dogs show signs of anxiety, depression and even aggression when they do not get enough exercise in their day. Studies show that dogs should get at least 30 minutes of rigorous activity per day along with 1-2 hours of daily activity.


Lucky for you, Out of the Kennel has you covered! 


Erica Upham has been a runner for most of her life. In middle school and high school she ran cross country and track and continued to run with the University of Oklahoma Track and Field Development Program in collge. At the age of 18 she ran and completed her first marathon and has continued training and running marathons since.


In November 2013 she qualified for the Boston Marathon at the Tulsa Route 66 Marathon and plans on running the Rock and Roll New Orleans Marathon in January 2015. 


In addition, Erica runs with the Dallas Running Club and has, over the seasons, accumulated a wide net of dog loving runners that would love to run with your pup. 


Interested in dog running? Contact us for a free consultation.


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